Kashan city is known as one of the centers of civilization in the world. Researches and statics about
Sialk Hills in Kashan north-west proves its 6000-year civilization. Its diligent people were always
pioneer in civil arenas especially in knitting.
As mentioned in history, there had been small spinning workshops in Kashan in which tourists
and archaeologists like Roman Ghirshman had chosen the spinning wheels as souvenirs for their
countries. Therefore they started to invent textile machines by means of Kashan spinning wheels.
There is no need to say about Kashan famous carpets because wherever there is talk of carpet, it suddenly reminds us of Kashan. And its oldest carpet in the world is called “Pazirik”.
According to the researches, most of experts claim that the first and the most important carpet originates from Kashan.
In 1990 we got started warping and machine made carpets with Iranian machines, starching and machine made carpet in our company called “Zarkar”. And now we enjoy the latest technology of textile machines.
The aim of this company from the very beginning has been always exporting the goods to other countries while trying to have customers satisfaction and rising employment. Although we had lots of difficulties in this way we have kept our hopes and wishes to make a better tomorrow for Iran.
The manager of Zarkar Company then built Sinatab Company with this hope. Sinatab Textile Company by having the latest European machines with capacity of 5472 spindles is able to produce 18, 27 and 30 metric yarns. It has the newest experimental machines and quality control for dyeing, cotton-beating, carding, finisher, ring and etc. with experienced and professional engineers and 150 employees.

Dyeing Part

With the newest technology, European machines are able to dye 12 tons of nylons and 4000 yarns like bobbin. The high capacity of dying machines, its consistent production line and using modern laboratory equipment by help of chemical textile engineers is a very considerable acquaintance of this section.

Spinning Part

This part has the newest European technology with the capacity of 5472-spindle. And now producing yarns like 27/3, 24/3, 18/3 and 12/2 metric is worth saying.

Heat set Part

This section includes 2 heat set string producer by which 12000 kg 18/3 metric yarn is produced. And it is able to produce all kinds of acrylic yarns with different metrics.

Quality Control Laboratory

This part associates with the latest national standards of Iran which tries to control raw materials consistently while producing.

Weaving Part

This section is able to produce HCPX2 carpet with the linear accumulation of 2550 in 8 colors like hand-made.
All usable yarns are applied in carpet pile 100% heat-sat, therefore the final carpets come to market in different designs and colors.


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